Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fulton Park

Ever notice that cute man or woman on the subway and wonder what to say or do? In this story, the man and woman started a relationship after first spotting each other on the train. The text in my embroidery is slightly excerpted and edited from the original. One of my favorite stories so far, here is the complete version of the text:

"It was an auspicious Saturday. The MTA had passengers transferring between local and express train lines because of repairs. Once in Brooklyn, I was relieved to finally be en route home. Then, the conductor played the last trick. The train was skipping a few stops, including my destination. I had to walk down a few flights of stairs to board another train. As the next train came to a stop, a striking man would notice me wearing a yellow halter dress. “Beautiful,” he thought. I took a seat in a separate car, unaware of his interest. Peering into the window, I saw the same man that had observe me a few minutes prior. At our destination, we exited onto the platform at the same time. Similar to a screenplay and cliché as it may seem, we saw each other at the same time. It’s one of those moments when other people move in a slow blur. 'I’m going to love this man,' I thought. We slowly walked up the stairs, but our distance from each other was a few feet. I would frequently turn around to meet his intense stare. He’ll later joke with friends and family about his initial thoughts of me, 'Hold on, baby… I’m coming.' Once outside, he gently tapped my shoulder to politely say, 'Excuse me…' We walked through a park to talk about life. Then, he placed a right hand to his chest to say, 'My heart… you’re different… my heart feels warm.'

One of the first dinners I made for him was Butternut Squash Ravioli with Shrimp and Ginger Sauce. I remembered this dish, because he said shrimp was a favorite. As we continue to date, he occasionally says, '…I’m enjoying the process of us coming together.' It’s been two years since that auspicious Saturday afternoon. He warms my heart, too."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brooklyn Love map

I've been working on a love map of Brooklyn, which includes snippets of stories I've collected. Some were emailed to me and some I surmised from talking to people at various Brooklyn bars. This is just a small portion of the map. I will be unveiling it at the Dumbo Arts Festival on September 24th and 25th - check back for more event details as those dates approach!