Friday, January 21, 2011

Brooklyn, land that I love

As one of my friends so cogently put it, "Brooklyn: breaker of my heart."

As a lifelong Brooklynite who's been in and out of love, I am well versed in romance. I have been making artwork about my romantic encounters, dreams and disappointments for several years. You can check that out at my Were I So Besotted blog.

But this blog is not about me. It's about you and your stories of love in the borough of Brooklyn.  Through a new project I call "The Brooklyn Love Exchange," I am mapping romance in the borough. Collecting stories from friends and acquaintances, I will translate your words into embroideries, like the piece above. I will endeavor to put into each piece the same love, tenderness and intimacy conveyed through your stories.

The Brooklyn Love Exchange is sponsored in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs' Greater New York Arts Development Fund as administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council. 

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