Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sheepshead Bay

A friend shared an awkward subway pick-up story with me. It sounded as though it started out dreamy and relatively innocent, and devolved into an incredibly uncomfortable exchange. In her slightly edited words:

"It was this really good looking blue eyed boy with curly hair. The Q train was running something funky. I think it was going up the N line and then back down the Q line. He sat next to me and started chatting me up, you know, the way a guy does when he's interested. he started with the weather. I gave him my number. When we got to Sheepshead Bay (my stop) he walked me off the train and gave me a hug, and had a gross raging hard on that he preceded to rub on my leg. I shoved him away and ran like hell. It was possibly the most disgusting moment of my life."

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